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Almost all people love to have adventure at least once in their lifetime. It is because of the human instinct to have fun, enjoyment, thrill and excitement. And all this can rightly be gained from an outdoor adventure. At the same time, it is equally true that outdoor adventure is not an easy task and requires lots of preparation in advance. You need to collect required equipment and other things to carry out an outdoor adventure successfully. 

Idea’s For Creating The Perfect Christmas Hamper

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As we scour the cupboards for that sacred jar of warming hot cocoa we received in a beautifully packaged luxury food hamper last Christmas, we reminisce about the joy and warmth they bring to our kitchens during those biting, dark winter months. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating that perfect hamper, and there are plenty available in-store and online, so we have decided to weave together the perfect segments of the infamous winter wicker basket, to save you time and effort.

Looking for Retail Work


Whether you are looking for a full time job or just want a second or part time job retail is a good industry to look for work in. There are over 436,000 retail outlets across the UK, which means that there are plenty of positions available. In fact 2.77 million people work within the retail industry across the UK. There are also retail jobs available working for people who mainly sell online and this is a growing sector or the retail industry.

Electronic Live Savers


When it comes to choosing the correct defibrillators for your establishment adequate research is always a good starting point. There are different specifications and parts on the market that have different capabilities each of which have to match with your specific requirements. Whether you are maintaining a device in a public zone or need one for very specific purposes, your risk assessment or guidelines will point you in the direction of the correct device. At St John Supplies, we carry a range of cardiac devices and accessories which can be matched to your exact needs. Whether it is the Heartstart® HS1 or a new set of defibrillation pads, you can source them from us for a very competitive price.

The Art of Flower Arranging


Properly arranged flowers can look simply stunning, but it’s not something that comes naturally to everyone. When looking into flower arranging, you should consider colours, textures and patterns, as well as themes. The arrangement may vary whether it is for a birthday party, wedding bouquets, or the birth of child. Decide whether you want to use fresh or artificial flowers and account for the differences between the two.